Awards and reviews are nice. But what is most important to me are the thoughts from my couples when they watch their film for the first time.

a few words from our couples

Lina and Brad

Alex! My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw "It's time for your movie." I have been so caught up with work this week and your email couldn't have come at a better time!

I cannot CANNOT stop watching our film, I'm seriously just hitting replay. Every single time Brad and I have watched it, we have caught a different detail that I didn't see before like a close up of my mum genuinely smiling at the ceremony. That may sound funny but I always joke around that she never smiles photos (3 that little glimpse of her that way warmed my heart.

We loved how you captured us, our family and friends and all the little moments that we may have forgotten about. Everything was real and raw emotion at the time, we loved that nothing was posed.

We saw the day through different lenses - the perspective of different people, how they looked and felt. It was so special, it really took us back to that moment in time and memories came flooding back.

I'll forever cherish these different point of views like our first house and my grandparents at the ceremony. You have captured so many important details at this time of our lives, these are the memories that'll stick with us forever. I'm so so happy it is now documented for my memories and perhaps our children if we have any.

As we were watching, we were both surprised when we shared little memories with each other that the other didn't see. An example is how one of Brad's friend's got a bit disappointed when he was tossing the throwing petals as we were walking down the aisle and the wind blew them back onto himself e didn't see it on the day but because Brad saw himself laughing in a scene, he was able to recount that.

When I first stumbled upon your Instagram I told Brad "we have to have this guy" despite us already having booked a videographer. I had absolutely zero wories and definitely have no regrets. You have captured our day so perfectly that felt true to us. It has been a wave of emotions from tears and goofy smiles as we lived through our day again.

Thank you so much again Alex! We believe in you and can't wait to see more incredible-ness in the future.

Vyvy and Calvin

We absolutely love the wedding film and the dedicated films - beyond words! We want to thank you for capturing all the moments and being an integral part of our wedding day. The films evoked the feelings of anticipation, excitement and love and happiness that we felt on our special day.

We also appreciate you taking some time out of your birthday weekend to be there with us at our Tea Ceremony and for showing those moments in the highlight film. It means a lot to us and our family.

We are sorry we did not record a video of our viewing because we wanted to fully immerse ourselves with watching the film for the first time without worrying about how our expressions came across. But we regret it because our expressions were nothing but that of overwhelming joy, smiles and laughter throughout the film.

We are so grateful for the dedication and passion you put into your work. You have given us a treasure that we will cherish for a lifetime.

We have loved and admired your work - ever since we connected and began to follow - and it is mind blowing to now be watching our wedding film by you. We love reliving our wedding day through your eyes and your storytelling. We will be watching the film with our families and bridal party over the coming days/weeks - we can hardly wait and will tell you all about it!

Cecilia and James

Cecilia - Alex!!! OMG!! We just watched the film. It was honestly so beautiful and perfect - you are truly amazing at what you do.

I loved the special touch of our personal memories, how you captured the small moments of us, our friends and our family, and how everything was so beautifully curated. The music at the end gave me 25 21 kdrama vibes.

There were many laughs and tears when we watched it - we are so so so glad we chose you to capture our special day thank you thank you thank you!!

One of the best birthday presents eva!

James - Had a few days to let the film sink in. It was BEYOND perfect! The story the music and literally all those small and special moments which I have in my memory which you put into film.

Excuse my "fucking hell" in that recording haha. I only whip that out for films which blow my mind. So thank you so much. Forever grateful now we can relive those moments every time we watch the film.

Sarina and Wilton

Wow, Wilton & I can't THANK YOU enough for the amazing work and time you have put into our wedding video. We were blown away by the quality, the attention to detail, and the way you managed to capture the essence of every little moment - we had a good crack-up at 5:10 hahaha. It felt like we were reliving the day all over again with all the emotion and joy, and for that we are truly thankful. We really appreciate all of your efforts and putting your heart into creating something so unique and personal. We especially love how much of Emilia made it into the video!

Last but not least, thank you for being more than just a videographer; you felt like a friend capturing all those crazy, heartfelt, and hilarious moments. Your easygoing and fun personality made the whole experience even more special for us. Thank you for being such an awesome part of our big day!

Anne and Phil

I can confirm to you that I cried, a whole lot, perhaps even an ocean's worth of tears (and very much early in to) watching our wedding film.

We are so thankful for you. You have blown our expectations above and beyond imaginable proportions. Words cannot do enough justice, but damn, you are so unbelievably gifted at what you do.

You have captured our wedding day so perfectly perfect - the flow, the shots, the music, the overlay of speech voiceovers, everything. We are in awe and even more so, in tears of joy. It truly feels like we've been brought back to that very day.

We know you're a very humble guy. However, I the sheer and endless praise from all of our family and friends, colleagues and even distant acquaintances about just how good your work is speaks volume about your talent. You have hit more than just our brief - you've hit and filled our hearts. I hope you know that your ability to capture moments so honestly, with so much sentiment/emotions, and to make it look like its been made for a movie, is what makes you so special and such a rare talent.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much. We cannot wait to see you and your business flourish and soar to greater heights.